KKmier Forehead Thermometer for Adults No Contact Infrared Thermometer PC868

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  • 【3 in 1 Display】There are three colors background lights. In surface mode, it always stays green. In body mode: Green:32-37.4 ℃; Orange: (37.5-37.9 ℃; Red: 38.0- 43.0 ℃. Only Circle EU is an authorized brand of KKmier, please pay attention before buying.
  • 【Muti-modes】 The forehead infrared digital thermometer can measure the body temperature, for adults and children or the temperature of object surface, liquid like milk and water or room.
  • 【Measuring range:】 For the forehead temperature: 89.6 ℉ - 109.4 ℉ (32.0-43.0 ℃). For object surface temperature: 32 ℉ -212 ℉ (0 - 100 ℃). This medical forehead infrared digital thermometer provides two temperature expressions of Celsius and Fahrenheit, you can switch arbitrarily.
  • 【Automatic data storage】 The temperatures are displayed in the right corner of the LCD. Press the UP or DOWN buttons to display the latest temperature measurements. The forehead infrared digital thermometer switches off automatically of long time non-use.
  • 【Accurate and immediate measurement】 Press the trigger. The temperature is displayed immediately, accompanied by a beep. The forehead infrared digital thermometer comes with a full one-year warranty